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[05 Jun 2006|11:17pm]
Lorna, I'm so sorry. I would say that he's not usually like that, but he is, so I can't.
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[11 Apr 2006|11:00pm]
Melissa and I did our moot today. It wasn't exactly a brilliant experience, and I sure as hell will never cut it as a courtroom lawyer, but on the bright side, we passed and it was my legal argument concerning involuntary participants which won us the case. It's a bit of a shallow victory though. Elliot Thorton Winterbottom turned out to be that really nice guy from my POPL tutorial who I just never bothered to learn the name of so I felt kinda sorry from him cause there was absolutely no precedent for us to win.

Met Lorna on the train today and Anna went back to Poland for the week. I think that the family minus my mum are going to Cardiff tomorrow for some football thing.

Philosophy has been brilliant the last few days, but I've already ranted about that elsewhere so I'll leave it.

Have been feeling nostalgic today. My wee livejournal is over two years old, which equates to two years of my life cataloged online.

Today has taught me I talk crap a lot more than most.
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[04 Apr 2006|10:34pm]
I can't quite understand how I've managed to waste two weeks of my three week holiday doing nothing. I'm now snowed under with Uni work and promises to meet up with people I haven't seen in ages.

It's a bit sad. The only people I hang out with now are Gregor, Melissa the senior counsel and my adopted couples. (Anna/Bart and Nicola/Ross) I think I've firmly established myself as a third wheel but it's weird cause they never make me feel that way and that's why I love them so.

Gregor bought me a chick today! And a MacDonalds. Though then again, I did come and pick you up from school.... Anyway, the chick makes the cutest wee 'cheep' noise - don't believe you didn't appreciate my jokes you big git - and Aileen managed to convince my stupid brother it was a real one.

Nicole and I played an absolutely amazing April Fool trick on Jimmy the KP on Saturday. Though Nicole was the one who did all the hard work cause I'd have burst out laughing and he'd never have fallen for it. Plus I heard Ali's gone, which, taking into consideration Anna and Bart's departure would leave.... us.

It doesn't feel right anymore.
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[23 Mar 2006|09:57pm]
Sorry I didn't say much when I saw you Lorna. Haven't seen Gordon in ages.

Gregor, sorry if you ended up looking like a criminal. Won't do it again.

Melikins, great day. Thank you.

Radiohead are playing in Edinburgh! So gonna have to work on Euan to buy me a ticket what with the fact he owes me big style and all.
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And to think you're supposed to be the grown up..... [17 Mar 2006|10:37pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

I love the fact we're now off Uni for three weeks. Should technically be studying and I'm sure I will at some point, but for now it's nice to have a rest.

Have to go in on the 28th and 29th cause I got guilted into taking would-be law students on tours with Gem. It'll be strange watching everyone cause that was me last year and I can remember it so well. I guess it's one of those reflecting on how much things have changed moments.

Went bowling with Anna, Bart, Nicole, Alan and his friend the other night which was fun. Narrowly avoided killing us but I seem to do that whenever I am driving in Paisley cause last time I was in with Euan I almost gave him a heart attack, so until I get some 'how to drive safely with confidence' lessons off Stewart, figure the furthest I'll get is Bishopton station. Anna and Bart beat me even though they've never been bowling before ever and Alan taught us a trick for confusing sweet machines with pennies.

Met up with Gregor the skiver today and we went shopping for a bit then back to his to watch Kill Bill vol.2 I think I annoyed him a smidge cause it's been about 2 years since I saw the first one so I kinda lost the plot.

Next week since I'm off, Anna and Bart and I are contemplating going a road trip up North for the day, though following earlier resolution not to drive in unfamiliar territories, such plans could be put on hold. Guess I'll see how I'm feeling.

Hope everyone is doing okay. x

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[04 Feb 2006|10:54pm]
Not been online in ages. Had exams etc then since Anna & Bart have been away in Poland I've been working lots.

It's strange. Feels like the end of an era almost. Got the new job at the bank starting on Monday (which means I won't see another living soul for the whole of February) then there's the whole Gleddoch issue to be sorted out.

Uni is amazing right now. Delict is the best subject ever and I completely understand now why all people ever do is sue each other. There are far, far too many cases though to remember. I only remember the fun ones about midgets being trampled on by elephants.

Went out with Gregykins tonight to TGI's, then working all week till Sunday, when Euan's taking me up a hill somewhere for Valentines. I've completely sold myself short. The hotel are doing £200 Valentine packages and I've settled for exercise and a tuna sandwich.

Hope everyone's doing okay studying for Prelims and stuff. x
She's beautiful, as usual

[25 Dec 2005|08:07pm]
I don't feel at all Christmassy. Think it's probably cause we had a shit day at work.

I'm now too scared to drive my car. Tried to stick my brakes on at the bottom of the road this morning and because it was so icy they just didn't work. I ended up flying into the middle of the luckily not very busy road so I was a bit shaken up. Thank god for ABS.

Hope everyone had a good day, and if you didn't watch the Dr Who Christmas special, you really did miss out.

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[19 Dec 2005|08:07pm]
Happy Birthday Emma!

Hope everyone's having a good time at the dance. Gregor wouldn't let me drive him there which is probably just as well since he puts me off something awful. Went to see him looking smart in his kilt last night though.

My friends from law and I are going out tomorrow night which would be good if I had anything to wear and Euan's coming over on Wednesday night. (If I time it properly they're gonna be at the Christmas concert so he won't get to meet the family, thank God.)

There's not really much point in this anymore is there?
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As promised [06 Dec 2005|04:58pm]
Euan C (who wanted a mention) upon hearing that I get to meet the parents:

'Oh really, what nursing home are they in?'

It was funny, but at the same time, it's getting a bit tiresome. He's not all that much older, he just feels it.

Today was one of those days. We all got chucked out our SISL tutorial. Prof. Murdoch came in, a couple of people were put on the spot while the rest of us sat there thinking 'Thank God he didn't ask me' and then when no one knew anything about the stupid case we weren't even supposed to have read, strictly speaking, he went mental and basically told us to sod off. Now we need to go in next Tuesday as well as a form of punishment which completely screws my plans for next week.

Then I went Christmas shopping with William to try and cheer myself up, except I seem to have accidentally only bought stuff for myself. Wonder how on earth that could have happened....

It's the long awaited Brownie Christmas Carol evening tonight. We have been practicing Christmas Carols since Halloween. The sooner it's over, the better.
She's beautiful, as usual

Since I'm bored and it's going around.... [30 Nov 2005|10:22pm]
Read more...Collapse )
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Science on the Subway [17 Nov 2005|11:02pm]
Jennifer, I have eventually found the answer to all our problems.


I feel so much better now.

Was a bit nervous about meeting Jennifer Baird the other day. Thought we'd have nothing to talk about. It was brilliant though. We were there for about three hours and it only felt like 10 minutes. It's strange that you can miss out on such a large part of someone's life and not even realise it.

Met Gordon and William again today. We spend far too much time together. I always end up feeling like I'm imposing. Then met Gemma (slave driver), Melissa and Richard and we went to the gym then 'The Crypt' for lunch.

Gregor, your stupid pineapple burst all over my bag, but I suppose you are forgiven since you did call to warn me about the trains.

Melikins, I forgot to double check, am I definitely to try and buy those things or is your mum gonna do it instead?

Met Jenna (ex-work) on the train on the way home. Still dislike her intensely.

It's peculiar how something can happen that makes you see someone in an entirely new light.

PS. Tomorrow, I'm going to prove Mark wrong. Buchannan Street is much further away than St Enochs and I shall demonstrate with Jennifer's help.
She's beautiful, as usual

[07 Nov 2005|10:04pm]
Property exam was a slight disaster today. Question two ended up being a mess since I didn't know anything about stupid mortis causa. Went for the earlier train at Bishopton so I wouldn't be late where I met/bored Mark with my panic striken rantings, then met Melissa and co. outside for last minute cramming. Came to the awful realisation that Richard knows more about law than I do.

Everything has come upon me at once. I could be doing without Michael Bublé tomorrow night, not that there is anything on this earth which shall keep me away. I am so desperate to go see him that I am enduring dinner beforehand with my aunts/uncles/my mother prior to the concert which we shall be attending together. If anyone else under 40 was going it'd be embarrassing. As it is, I think I can cope and my Uncle is paying for my ticket so I can't justify complaining, to his face anyway. Haha.

In all seriousness, I'm sure it shall be fine, and even if it is not, I'll get to gloat to Monika that I have been to see MB and she has not.

I wonder if they do t-shirts.....
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[05 Nov 2005|10:31am]
Has anyone ever suffered from prank callers? And if so, is there something you can do about it?

I called 02 and they said the only thing for it is to change your number, which I thought was a bit drastic. In saying that, whoever it was did wake me up this morning with their damn silence down the line thing.

I'm convinced it's a call centre and it's gotten beyond annoying. Suggestions?
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[04 Nov 2005|02:19pm]
I bet if there was an embarrassing competiton I would win.

Today, I was utterly humiliated at least twice and I don't think it's just because I seem to be more sensitive about the issue than the majority of other people. Euan believes that I have used up my embarrassing situations quota for the month.

I am now infamous in POPL and caused Melissa, Laura and the random guy behind us to burst into hysterics halfway through Godfrey's lecture. Melissa, I have never seen anyone laugh as much as you did. Strictly speaking, it wasn't my fault and it could have happened to anyone, it just didn't. The best part was when Laura and I met Godfrey outside and I couldn't keep a straight face for the two seconds it took for him to walk past.

Then, on the tube, I managed to cripple the poor man sitting next to me. It was one of these situations where I just wanted to cry. Instead, I chose to laugh copiously, which I'm sure didn't make my apology seem very sincere.

Not very embarrassing, though helping to prove a point, following Mark's lessons in how to cross the road properly - 'It's hesitation that gets you killed woman!' - I almost killed K@ yesterday.

Next week, I'm going to be entirely normal. Honest.
She's beautiful, as usual

[02 Nov 2005|07:26pm]
The law society halloween party actually turned out to be alright. Met everyone outside Borders at 8. Melissa looked amazing. She was dressed up all 20s style with the dress and a feather boa and the feather head-dress and everything.

When we got there, the fire alarm was going off so we ended up sitting in the bar next door for half an hour. We were the first ones there and next time, we have vowed to arrive fashionably late.

Drinks were £1 all night which made up for the fact that we had to endure rap music the entire time. I vaguely remember dancing because Gemma dragged us all up. Tried a Kamikaze, which turned out to be a horrible mistake. Vodka, Cointreau and Lime juice. I shall stick to lemonade in future. Haha.

Started to liven up a bit just as we had to leave, but I'm glad I left when I did. Couldn't get up this morning at all. We were all sitting in POPL at 9am this morning dying.

Does anyone have/ have plans to get Armor for sleep tickets?
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[31 Oct 2005|09:05pm]
Today, I had a very productive day.

Got the train with the usual crew, then went to POPL, did my SISL stuff and met Kenneth for coffee which seemed appropriate as it was Halloween. It's strange that people can be even worse than you remember. Anyway, managed to lie my way out of any future relationship we might have had thank god. He shall never, ever bother me ever again.

After that, I felt cruel for like 10 minutes.

Then did some more POPL work, went to Gregor's to give him the stuff that Emma left. On the way back he splashed me with every single puddle on the way to the station cause he is mean like that.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to the Law Society Halloween Party at Blo. I'm going as a bat in order to be inconspicuous. It also means I get to wear a mask which is even better.

Sorry about tonight K@ darling. Will make it up to you though possibly not till after next week.

PS. Happy Birthday Melissa!
She's beautiful, as usual

[29 Oct 2005|11:09am]
Emma, I have what I am presuming to be your jumper and a wig. Do you need them anytime soon? I could drop them off with Gregor or something and he could return them.

K@, I have your toothbrush.

Hannah, you left your wand (in two pieces) Don't know if you want it back.

If I find anything else, I'll let you all know.

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[26 Oct 2005|11:29pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

In the words of K@, 'I think I might just have gotten me an accidental boyfriend'

Went to debating club with Euan tonight. Met a few new people. They're all very nice. I left with a guy called Kenneth since Euan left me. He insisted on accompanying me right to the door of the train where he struck.

Most people would have said no straight out, or said they were gay, or made up some macho boyfriend. I on the other hand was guilted and shocked into going out some time.

How the hell do I keep getting myself into situations like this?

And to think that this morning my only concern was the content of lorne sausage. Now I have to worry about finding a nice way to say 'PS I don't like you like that.'

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[25 Oct 2005|08:12pm]
"My new boyfriend is far superior to my old one."
"Really Marjory? How so?"
"He exists."

(Paul Brownsey on why things aren't necessarily better/worse based on existence. You probably had to be there but William and I were crying with laughter for about 10 minutes afterwards. I love philosophy. Dr Brownsey is just like Dr Cox from Scrubs. He calls people things like 'Percival')

Anyway, had an interesting morning. Did the SISL work I should have done ages ago then went to get my essay back. After 5 weeks of thinking that I suck at law, my eyes have been opened. I may suck, but not as much as everyone else in said SISL class which is reassuring.

K@ and I went to the gym for a whole 10 minutes before we decided we'd rather be doing anything else.

Daryl, you were right. It was the round reading room, though not right enough because you forgot to mention the fact that it shuts at bloody half 12 in the afternoon so when I turned up at 3 today thinking 'Thank God, at least I won't need to sit BITS' I was sadly mistaken. I'm gonna have to go beg them tomorrow to accept my late application.

I'm going to start petitioning against Platform 11A, especially when you have to run right past the empty platform 11 in order to get there.

Emma, I don't get what you meant and I can't find them to listen to, but I'll try and phone you either tonight or tomorrow since I haven't spoken to you in years.

Michael Bublé in two weeks! I love him so. Haha.

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I love being a geek. [24 Oct 2005|02:54pm]
My stupid bloody driving test got cancelled due to flooding.

In fairness, on the way there I did drive through a large river covering what I'm sure used to be an A road, but it still sucks. My test is now in 6 weeks time. (It was originally booked on 1st September)

At present, I am engrossed in Hector MacQueen (If that man isn't your saviour he should be) in order to find some legal loophole which will ensure that I get a priority test as they breached their contract with me by cancelling whereas I upheld my end of the bargain by both turning up and paying. They therefore owe me compensation for both inconvienience and trauma I experienced as a result.

I doubt they'll listen somehow but I will find a situation in which I can assert my newly discovered rights.

Anyone up for a fun though incredibly geeky night out?

Wednesday night: GU - 'Human Rights... who cares' (My SISL tutor's presenting so we are going to show moral support. It's like cheese and wine except this time we have been promised both cheese and vodka)

And the following Thursday at philosophy society it's 'An introduction to political philosophy' which doesn't sound quite as fun, but I'm exploiting the fact I have a philosophy buddy now.

Does anyone else have a sudoku obsession? At first (ie the time Calum and I spent an entire day at Lochgoilhead trying to do a mild one) I hated them, but now.... God, when you can do them in 15 minutes it feels brilliant. If you don't share my passion, seriously, try it just the once. They're almost as good as logic puzzles.
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[22 Oct 2005|09:56pm]
Just checked the old student webmail for the first time in ages and had a major panic attack.

Anyone where to go once you've downloaded and filled in your exepmtion form for the Basic IT test?

There is no way in hell I'm sitting through Higher Computing Take 2 yet I find that I have until Tuesday before that becomes unavoidable.

Someone save me?
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Clarifying matters [17 Oct 2005|06:57pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I gave blood today. It was horrible and I won't do it again until the next time they make me feel morally obliged to do so.

When I got there, I was already nervous, being a complete wuss. Filled in my forms etc, had my thumb attacked with that stupid staple pin thing and then headed over to be made to feel even more like a pin cushion. I of course started crying, which I don't think helped the poor nervous boy who was taking care of me. He was shaking more than I was, which made me even worse. Anyway, I stupidly refused the anesthetic, he hammered a huge needle into one of my veins, and then made awkward conversation with me in order to 'take my mind off of things'. It just didn't work. I lay there for about five minutes while they drained me, him giving me a running commentary of how full the blood bag was. When we were three quarters up however, he called over some guy and they started pointing at my arm, and the bag, and discussing in quiet voices.

In the end, I endured all that only to be told that my sample was useless as there was air in the blood bag as the needle wasn't in properly or something, which might explain why there were drops of my blood all over the floor. It was a bad experience. Even the club didn't cheer me up.

Kathyrn, I don't know what you are trying to instigate but when I do, I think you're gonna be for it.

Finally, a matter has been brought to my attention which I think it is time to address because it has gone on long enough.

Never, ever have I been anything other than civil to you. Never have I uttered those unholy words 'I hate you' - correct? Why then you supposedly feel the need to justify your actions by victimizing yourself to my friends I'll never know. Believe me, it really is unnecessary. Drag my name through the muck by all means. Portray me as the embittered, spiteful bitch who's making your life a misery if it helps you sleep at night. Truth be told however, 'I nothing you'. You're the only one who managed to satisfy my expectations. You did no more or less than what I or anyone else for that matter believed you to be capable of so stop pretending to worry about it. And don't for God's sake use this as another excuse to exaggerate my feeling for you or lack there of.

I hate the British Constitution.

She's beautiful, as usual

[15 Oct 2005|08:14pm]
I was going to go to the School Disco at Strathclyde Union tonight, but instead, I am here babysitting stupid Kevin and making a scrapbook of 'interesting' articles from the three weeks worth of Times' that I have lying about my room. My mum says no really late nights till I can drive anyway.

Tonight before everyone went out, I drove Aileen and Debbie to their friend's house, accompanied by my dad of course. I saw Robert who used to work at Gleddoch when I was in Bishopton (or rather he saw me), as is quite often the case as he lives near Gregor. Only problem was, he was the one driving the car behind me when I ran the red light. My dad went mental. It was only just red, and I wouldn't have been able to stop in time. I hate driving when there are people I know around. It makes me nervous.

I am never, ever going to be talked into going to the gym until next time I'm pressured into doing so. I am in pain although K@ falling off the treadmill (I didn't realise you could actually do that) made it almost worthwhile.

Tomorrow I am going to/out with Gregor/('s) then home to read through hundreds of damn cases.

Wish I was on October break...... Lol.
She's beautiful, as usual

[13 Oct 2005|08:58pm]
I love Thursdays. I get to have a long lie. There's nothing better.

Had a fairly exciting day. Went to my philosophy tutorial only to discover that I might as well have joined the geriatrics society. While in fairness, there was one guy who was 19, the average age of the class had to be mid to late 30s. I was regaled by one women with tales of her grandson who was the same age as me.

Hannah was the only one who made it bearable. Having been the one to inspire me to pursue philosophy in the first place on the other hand, she has a lot to answer for.

K@, Gordon won't take me to Salsa classes... will you?

Went to visit Lorna. You are a very efficient sales person who made my shopping experience extremely pleasurable. Sorry I wasn't talking much. Didn't want to get you into trouble, and while I am on the lookout for a pair of boots, I'm not especially interested in ones over the £100 mark. lol

Also, the blood donation people are pursuing me. It has gotten to the extent where I am almost more fightened of what will happen if I don't brave trying to find some unheard of health centre in the Port Glasgow area in order to bestow upon them a pint of the blood which they will probably have to pump back in when I am viciously stabbed. Not only have they targeted me via mail and email, I was having my tea tonight when I got a phonecall from some guy checking that I'd be at the appointment they had scheduled for me in advance. I didn't have the heart to say no, so I said yes, felt very guilty about it, and shall no doubt be kidnapped by them sometime mid-week when they realise that I didn't show.

To be honest, it's bordering on harassment.

I've become such a snob. The girl beside me on the train wouldn't stop itching. Is it wrong that I had to move?
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[12 Oct 2005|08:03pm]
Today, I went to see Serenity with Mark and Daryl since Gregor wouldn't take me. It was very exciting. They spent the whole time pissing themselves laughing at me jumping every two seconds.

I went to try on my gorgeous boots but they don't have my size - enormous - in black.

Met Katherine for lunch. Fluffy didn't come cause he has far too many foreign friends to be concerned with us now. We went on an adventure and she told me about her accidental boyfriend.

'Everyone says you don't get nice guys. That's rubbish. You do. They keep asking me out but they're all hideous.' has to go down as one of my favourite K@ quotes of all time. You always manage to make my day darling.

Well done Gregykins, I'm happy for you in the 'Oh God, I'm never, ever, ever going to see you again' sort of way.

Off to do the damn D of E report.

PS. Lorna, I have SISL so I think lunch on Friday is off. Late afternoon/ early evening?

She's beautiful, as usual

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